FleetBioprocessing Assay Development

Fleet Bioprocessing possess unrivalled expertise in immunoassay development for biotech, pharma and clinical diagnostic applications. We have developed immunoassays in many different formats and have investigated and solved numerous assay problems. Our expertise is a blend of years of experience in the industry and partnership with companies operating at the cutting edge of new disease investigation on formats ranging from microplate to random access and POCT systems.
By employing the services of Fleet Bioprocessing, immunoassays can be developed to:
  • Demonstrate proof of principle that a test is viable or to secure funding for the next stage of a development project.
  • Detect presence of a wide range of molecules in complex mixtures in Various body fluid types and other subtrates.
  • Overcome typical interferences or cross-reactivities.
  • Speed up the R&D process using advanced experimental design strategies.
  • Develop and/or optimise with you an assay suitable for your specific instrumentation from POCT to full random access.
Fleet Bioprocessing is a Gyrolab Certified Assay Transfer and Development Partner, offering assay development, transfer and optimisation services for users of the Gyrolab platform.  
To complement our assay design capability, we offer a range of services from antibody purification and preparation of antibody conjugates , through to formulation and dispensing of immunoassay reagents.
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