FleetBioprocessing Biomarker Immunoassay

As the search for new drugs continues, the availability of effective and reliable biomarker assays is a critical requirement to ensure that the correct decisions are taken through the biotech/pharma development cycle.
The technique of immunoassay has proven itself beyond doubt in the clinical diagnostics field for quantifying markers of interest, combining great reliability and exquisite sensitivity – analytes can routinely be detected at picomolar to femtomolar levels. Immunoassays are readily adapted to high-throughput formats.
Often we find that biotech companies discover the need to develop biomarker assays too late, and may not have the expertise, staff, resources or other techniques available to select the optimal assay approach, or to optimise its performance effectively. They may also fail to recognise that a biomarker assay developed for drug development may also form the basis of a valuable product for the clinical diagnostic market! (click here ).
Our immunoassay development experts (see staff: click here ) bring unparalleled expertise in the development of top-class immunoassays for the world’s most competitive and highly regulated markets. They are ideally placed to help you identify the best approach for your biomarker assay, and to ensure that it yields the best possible performance.
Depending on your needs, Fleet Bioprocessing can take an assay right from identification of the marker of interest, through the development of a bench prototype assay, to full optimisation and readiness for routine application – then routinely manufacture the components that will support its use!
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