FleetBioprocessing Case Studies (Conjugation)

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The following examples show how we have been able to satisfy our customers' needs – technical challenges, regulatory demands, urgent timelines – across a range of technologies.
Bulk Antibody Purification & Conjugation
Photoactivation Conjugation
ADC Development
DNA Conjugation
Bulk Antibody Purification & Conjugation
A UK-based diagnostics customer required purification of over 2 litres of crude monoclonal antibody by ammonium sulfate precipitation and ion exchange. A test sample of the purified antibody was then conjugated to horseradish peroxidase, before the bulk product was dispensed and tested to confirm that it met the customer's bioburden specifications. In 2 weeks, we had submitted a test sample of the conjugate. After a further 3 weeks we had delivered the full consignment of around 10 grams of purified antibody, including the full GMP-standard documentation required by the customer.
Photoactivated Conjugation
A UK-based diagnostics customer had been unable to successfully conjugate a small molecule to a large protein due to the absence of any accessible functional groups on the small molecule. We were able to solve their problem by employing a "niche" photoactivation conjugation technology.
ADC Development
A customer requested that a method for the selective reduction of a monoclonal antibody be developed so that a specific number of free thiol groups were present in the antibody. After successfully completing this task, the reduced antibody was reacted with a maleimide activated prodrug to yield the antibody drug conjugate in good yield.
DNA Conjugation
A Canadian customer required a 99mer oligonucleotide to be conjugated to each of two proteins. Less than 100 micrograms of each of the proteins was available. The sequence of the oligo was provided by the customer, but  its custom synthesis had to be arranged by Fleet as part of the project. Despite the limitations of the scale, the conjugates were successfully formulated and the customer was very happy with the results.
Fleet were a partner in the PreventIt consortium, an EC Framework 7 project aimed at perinatal detection of HIV and Syphilis to reduce neonatal infection rates in the developing world. Fleet’s role involved the conjugation of a variety of fluorescent labels to antibodies, antigens etc.