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FleetBioprocessing Bioconjugation

Fleet Bioprocessing offer unrivalled expertise in the development, validation and manufacture of bioconjugates. These range from the development of conjugated biopharmaceuticals to clinical diagnostic reagents and we would be happy to discuss all your conjugation requirements.
  • Conjugated biopharmaceuticals for targeted delivery of cytotoxic agents.
  • Enzyme-labelling of antibodies (monoclonal, polyclonal & fragments) for signal generation in diagnostic procedures.
  • Enzyme-labelling of small molecules such as steroids and thyroid hormones for competitive immunoassays.
  • Biotinylation of proteins for use with streptavidin-based binding reagents.
  • Coupling of proteins and small molecules to solid phases such as microparticles, beads and microtitre wells.
  • Coupling of small molecules to carrier proteins such as albumin or gelatin, for use as immunogens or ‘coating’ reagents.
  • Fluorescent labelling of antibodies, DNA probes, drugs, etc.
  • Photoactivated coupling techniques for those “impossible” conjugations!
Fleet Bioprocessing can advise on appropriate methods, whatever your conjugation needs. Our Managing Director, Alastair Dent, authored Bioconjugation (Macmillan/Stockton Press, 1998), a major conjugation chemistry reference work.
Our conjugations routinely employ highly controllable heterobifunctional coupling chemistry allowing the greatest flexibility in achieving product requirements. We routinely provide your conjugate as a highly-purified product with detailed incorporation information.