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FleetBioprocessing Conjugation, Purification & Formulation

  Fleet Bioprocessing offer a range of services relating to the custom development and manufacture of high-performance biochemical reagents, often incorporating antibodies and other proteins. 
Of course we are well known for our expertise in bioconjugation chemistry, smoothly coupling the molecules of interest to  create invaluable products such as antibody-enzyme conjugates.

Part of the skill set for making world-class​   conjugates relates to protein purification, and our knowhow in this field also makes Fleet an obvious choice for jobs such as the purification of polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies. Finally, while these applications may be a little less “high-tech”, we also provide a very popular service for the formulation and dispensing of sensitive reagents under controlled conditions all subject to our demanding quality standards, but without the high costs and long lead-times of some of the bigger players in this field.